It’s difficult to pick up and start writing after a long period of inactivity and I haven’t written anything new in a couple years. There are several unfinished articles sitting in a folder right here on my computer that may never actually see the light of day. I am okay with that.

Sometimes it’s difficult to start writing about anything related to my expertise. I have set strange expectations for myself wherein I must only write screeds about development, or product work, or design, or technology in general. It’s difficult to break out of that mindset. Maybe it isn’t healthy to have such a narrow topical focus.

Sometimes it’s difficult to share the things of which I am the most passionate. There are many topics I could write about, but there is a fear that some of these topics will digress into a negativity bitch fest, and there is already enough negativity out there. When I share, I feel vulnerable. Maybe opening up and sharing my real passions alongside my knowledge is a good idea. Maybe I’ll regret it.

Who knows? Passion and knowledge do make a great team, though.

Sometimes it’s hard to redesign a website, especially when the website is supposed to represent me. I started something, figured that I won’t launch it until it’s done, and then it withered on the vine. If I wait to launch something when it’s at 100%, it will never be launched. This site the 5th iteration in two years of unlaunched simple designs.

Yes, I know it’s basic.

The web is a living document, never finished, and I should treat my own work as such. Maybe I shouldn’t be afraid to release before something is ready, and buttoning up the lose ends afterwards.

This is a new website. I want to write on it and I want it to be more active than my previous personal sites—more alive than my previous personal sites. Let’s see if I can keep up the pace.